My name is Em, and I have been a book lover forever. Since graduating university and attempting to be a full time adult reading has become sporadic for me – I tend to go on a binge read session for a few weeks and then I can’t pick up another book for another couple of months. This year however, I decided that I would (for once) fulfil my new years resolution to get back into reading full time. I have since been aided by the ol’ corona virus pandemic thing and started a book instagram and now a blog to share my book reviews and find new books to add to my ever growing to be read pile!

Latest from the Blog

Hello Again

Isn’t that what mosaics really are – something beautiful from something broken? This book took me on a lovely holiday from life, filled with eloquent descriptions of beautiful cities, and heart warming lovely characters, I feel sad to have returned to real life. Pepper has lived with the guilt of her sister dying for years,…

The Miseducation of Evie Epworth

Be your own woman, Evie. It is the only way to be happy. This was a hilarious, sweet, coming of age novel. I laughed pretty much all the way through this book, it was uplifting and touching in equal measure. I felt so much affection for Evie – she was a great protagonist. I was…

The Sight Of You

I was hooked on this book within a few pages of starting it, and it was very difficult to put down at all. I love a bit of soppy romance, but this was much more than that – this was a compelling and beautiful story which really makes you question what you would do for…

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